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Josh Klein

Michael, I remember how cheerful you always were. I miss playing sports and just hanging with you. I really enjoyed playing on the Knights with you . You weren't only a good athelete and a good sport, you were a great friend. I think of you alot and I miss you. You will always have a special place in my heart.

The Kesslers

Dear Lisa, Ed and Josh,
We are humbled by your courage and applaud your efforts. Not a day goes by when you aren't in our thoughts. We are proud to stand by your side and support this Foundation. Michael will always be remembered. Thank you for creating this beautiful tribute to him.
With Much Love,
The Kesslers

The Waterhouse Family

Dear Ed, Lisa & Josh,
We want to thank you for introducing Michael to us through the Sportmanship Award named in his honor. This wonderful award and website that reflect what a great person, son and friend he was to so many. Christian and our entire family are extremely honored to be a part of his legacy. We look forward to participating in the foundation's events and spreading the message of this important mission. We will stress to our kids and others Michael's wonderful values so that they can celebrate life in the kind and gentle manner that Michael did. Again, Christian and our entire family will hold Michael and your family in our prayers.
God Bless!
Kevin & Angela Waterhouse

Claman Family

Dear Lisa, Ed and Josh - This is a beautiful website, and a wonderful tribute to Michael. We love you guys, and will always be here to support you. Love, the Clamans

Melissa, Barry, Adam & Sarah Kazan

We are so honored to have known Michael and to have been a part of his life. Michael will always live on in our memories and through this wonderful foundation.

liz, bruce, caroline and samantha wolfe

Your smile illuminated the world. We are blessed to have been touched by you. We love you and you will always be in our hearts.
All our love,
Liz, Bruce, Caroline and Samantha

Paolo Angelini MD

This is aknowledge the presence of a jewel, in the panorama of initiatives to promote knowledge and prevention of sudden cardiac death in children, especially in the context of sport activities.
The Michael Ludwig Foundation has established itself as a leader in the field and it is admirable testimony for the many families hit by such a preventible and frequently tragic accidents. I know well of the long suffering that the Ludwig family has endured and of the consolation that the Foundation activities have brought to it. This is a worthy and significant contribution!
Congratulations! Hoping to be able to join the Foundation's efforts soon,
Sinerely yours,
Paolo Angelini

Michael, Phillip & Jared Goldberg

Michael is always in our hearts and in our most special memories,as are you all. This is a beautiful tribute and we are proud to be a part of such an important foundation.

Simon Krohn

I remember Michael as being nice and very good at sports. He treated me like a great person and a good friend. I try to be like Michael because he was nice to everyone he knew, and to everyone else, too, even if he didn't know them. I love Michael and I miss him.
Love, Simon

Leffler Family

This site is a wonderful tribute to an incredible boy. We all loved Michael very much and miss him every day. Drew's life is so much richer for having had Michael in it. He was a smiley, warm, joyful, loving, wonderful kid. Michael and his family will always be in our hearts