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Zachary Steinberg

I still miss Michael. I remember the last time I saw him was after the last game of fall ball. We all had dinner at my house and had so much fun. I'll always remember the fun we had at Stratton. I'll never forget him.

Brianne Ahlborn

Thank you so much for sharing your son's story on the Today show. My son has TOF and I now work with a non-profit also called It's MY Heart to raise CHD awareness. I wish your story had a better ending, but what you are are doing in your sons memory is a blessing to all of us and I cannot thank you enough. You and your family should be proud.

Monique Dodge

I saw Michael's story on today show, it was truly an inspiration for me. I lost my son Coty Dodge in 1998 with the same congenital defect. Coty was 12 yrs old when he died. He was also a very athletic child, his sport was Rodeo. My sympathy goes out to you and your family for your loss.

Michele Johnson

I have a son, 18 months old, with several heart defects. I applaud you for getting on the Today show, we need so much more awareness of CHD's. Great job. Good luck this weekend.


Thanks for this wonderful, loving and informative site!I saw Michael's story on the Today Show. I have a 15 year old son who was born a congenital defect involving the lungs, heart,and diaphragm. His was detected before birth, a true blessing. I appreciate your courage and commitment to spreading the word about Michael and giving parents and adults alike the information needed to become aware of and screen for these potential defects. It is a loving testament to your son Michael and an inspiration for so many! Best wishes to you and your family and good luck in the NY Marathon!


Thank you so much for sharing you're story. I'm a college athlete and I have experienced the symptoms you've described on and off throughout my life while playing sports. Just recently a trainer suggested I should have my heart checked out. So far everything has come back negative. However, because you shared your story I'm more aware of the danger I could be putting myself in. I'm not going to keep trying to just push through workouts anymore and I'm going to insist on every possible test. You have probably saved my life. Thank you.


It must be so hard. As I spoke those familiar words to a parent just yesterday who had a still born with CHD. As a parent with a teenager with a CCHD, we want the word to be known. Thank you for all that you have done to date, the difference is showing.

Angie Brickson

Our community lost a wondeful young man several years ago from the same rare CHD. His grandfather is one of the top cardiologists in our area and had screened his grandson for athletic heart conditions. I am not aware of his having difficulty with athletic participation, as he was a star college soccer player and had just graduated from SMU. I know that this condition is the cause of more sudden deaths in young people, and not always diagnosed even at the time of death. It is a wonderful thing you are doing to pass on this important information to other parents like yourself. Thanks for this foundation and the work you are doing. Kindest regards to your family.

Isabelle Ouimette
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I've read Michael's story and I've also seen it on The Today's show. I'm sad to learn that Michael diagnosis wasn't diagnosed earlier. Thank you for reaching out, sharing Michael's touching story, and raising CHD awareness. Our family is also affected by CHD; our baby boy, almost 18 months now, was born with a severe and rare combination of CHD. We're not out of the woods, but we're learning to live a day at a time. I wish you all the best with your foundation. God Bless.

Jody Natarelli

What a wonderful tribute to your son. I saw your story on the Today show and was so touched. Thank you for making more people aware of CHD's that affect so many children. My son, Nico, also was born with a CHD - aortic stenosis. he has been lucky not to have surgery yet. He is 3 yrs old and has to go for reglular ped cardio echos. Thanks again for this wonderful foundation. God Bless the Ludwig family.