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Jody Natarelli

What a wonderful tribute to your son. I saw your story on the Today show and was so touched. Thank you for making more people aware of CHD's that affect so many children. My son, Nico, also was born with a CHD - aortic stenosis. he has been lucky not to have surgery yet. He is 3 yrs old and has to go for reglular ped cardio echos. Thanks again for this wonderful foundation. God Bless the Ludwig family.

Darlene Gorman

I saw your story on the Today show this morning. I was born with the same heart issue as your son. I was an athlete my entire life starting competitive running at 9 years old. I went to college on a track scholarship. I never knew I had this heart condition. When I was 37 years old I went for a physical and because I had a heart murmur my entire life my primary care dr. did a EKG. He saw something irregular and sent me to a cardiologist. After numerous tests they were able to diagnosis this and I had heart surgery at 37 years old. I am very blessed that they were able to correct this heart condition and I can again live a normal life exercising every day. I'm so sorry about your son. It makes me so sad every time I hear of a child dying of this condition. Thank you so much for getting this word out there. If it saves one child's life it is worth it.

Kim Bahnasi

Michael is now an angel in heaven. When you share his story you are sharing Michael, his smile, his love, and his joy. Nothing compares to the loss of a child and nothing compares to the love of a child. God Bless your family.

carolyn millward

Thank you for making the public aware of these problems. I have been putting off having my child checked and he has a few symptoms. I have made a Cardiology appt. next week and am anxious to get results. Thank you for all your work. Have a great day.

Kathy Fredeking

I was so touched bu your story. I have a son, John, who is twenty years old. He wa born with severe aortic stenosis--a severe narrowing of the aorta--and had his first surgery at two days of age. He also had a cleft lip and palate. With God's grace and many prayers, he is now a Junior in college. He has a wonderful voice, and was a member of the West Virginia All-State Chorus. He had an artificial valve replacement in 2001. Thank you so much for all your efforts toward educating the public. I am a high school counselor, and several years ago, we lost a student with an undetected heart defect. He died during a basketball game at the age of fifteen years. I am so glad to know about your organization and plan to make a donation. God Bless You.


I just saw Michael's story on the Today show. My nine year old daughter is having similar symptoms. They are investigating the exercise-induced asthma diagnosis. But, your story has prompted me to make an appt. with the cardiologist. Thank you for your story and raising my awareness.

kelly manz
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im a heart mommy to a baby born with a CHD. i'm sorry your son's coronary artery anamoly wasn't discovered until too late. thanks for creating this foundation and helping raise awareness!


I saw your son's story on the Today show and read through this website. This little boy has inspired love in others quite well in his short life. What a gem. Thanks for sharing his story with us.

Helen Sword

I didn't know Michael personally but after reading your story about him on the Today Show web site l felt l had to write and thank you for sharing this story about Michael.

I recently found out that l have the same heart disease that took Michaels life.

In training for my 19th marathon when l felt something was not quite right with my breathing. After many tests they finally found out what was going on with a MRI.

Of course l can't run marathons now and have a pacemaker/defib implant.

We all have to spread the word with this diease as you don't hear enough of it unlike breast cancer not that l am undermining that disease.
Only this heart disease in my mind is the silent killer and can strike anyone without any warning.

Now my children are being tested and screened for this killer and l hope and pray they don't have it.

Thank you for letting me write this and my best wishes go out to you all.

Kind regards.
from a mom & wife from Canada

Joni Aronson

Hi Lisa, Ed, & Josh,
Michael always had an infectious smile. He was such a great person and considerate to others. My heart goes out to you all every day.